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Thx so much for that magical evening at the Leagues Club. 

I must just tell you that the Adrian Cunningham Gig last night  was THE PERFECT GIG.

Graham Tucker

The blues performances just get better every year... listened to The Stayers. What a lovely laid back blues sound. Then went to the Grand to watch the Chris Harland Blues Band. What a talent...

Wonderful job folks, keep it up.


Thanks for a fabulous weekend. We had a ball.


My friend and I are down from Sydney for a few days and when we arrived yesterday arvo, we found out about the festival. What a truly wonderful surprise!!
Can I just say; it was so heartwarming to see a community getting out and spending time together & dancing to REAL music! An incredible vibe :)
You guys put on an amazing event, my hat goes off to you.


Congratulations to the Kiama Jazz and Blues Club for another successful event. The Twilight Jazz and Blues concert was held in Hindmarsh Park on Thursday 8 January featuring the brilliant Ray Beadle Trio and Dane Laboyrie Quartet.

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